An exclusive half-day virtual workshop for Xero-user firms

Virtual Workshop - Learn how to uncover hidden opportunities in Xero that improve your client’s efficiency, experience and engagement

Next Date TBC |  Spaces cost £149 + VAT per firm | Limited Spaces

To keep these workshops interactive they are limited to just 10 firms. One ticket allows 2 people per firm to participate. 


What if I told you that you were only using 53% of Xero?

There are many firms using Xero successfully with their clients. You might be one of them. And from conversations I’ve had with these firms, the question always seems to be... “what’s next?”

But rather than looking for what’s next, instead, you should be looking at how you can take your already successful adoption of Xero, and increase it even more.

In my experience working with many accounting firms over the last few years, and performing health checks on many of their client’s Xero accounts, I can tell you that most firms only use Xero purely from an accounting perspective. And why not? You haven’t been taught or told otherwise. 

It’s something you won’t learn on other programmes, you probably won’t learn it from Xero directly (it’s one of the things I’ve taught in workshops for their partners before…)

But by focusing on the compliance elements of the cloud accounting system, rather than the client experience of how your business clients can make the best use of cloud accounting and the supporting app ecosystem, the potential of the platform is limited.

By using Xero in a limited capacity, you are:

  • Not maximising the efficiencies that both you and your client can get from Xero (which means that your client isn’t getting the best experience from it either)
  • Leaving your clients with issues around invoicing, payments and credit control that could potentially be quite costly to them in the long-run
  • Potentially risking a more Xero savvy accountant coming along and poaching your client once they show them what can actually be achieved when implementing Xero properly

So how can you make better use of Xero to improve your clients efficiency, experience and engagement with your firm?

This is exactly what I’m sharing in our upcoming virtual workshop. It’s the same Xero Deep Dive process that I teach to our App Advisory students and that we run for clients of Bluehub, our cloud integrations business.

When you attend, you will learn:

  • A repeatable and scalable deep dive process for making sure that clients are utilising Xero and the surrounding app ecosystem
  • The specific places to look, and things to look for when figuring out what additional functions and apps should be considered for your clients 
  • How to take existing integrations that your clients have in place and maximise their use to increase efficiency
  • The exact tools, templates and processes that we use at Bluehub to deliver this as a paid-for service
  • How to take your findings, and turn them into an opportunity conversation with your clients that can lead to additional app advisory revenue

This will be an interactive session limited to 10 firms per workshop. You can bring a maximum of 2 people per firm.

We will be using firm-specific breakout rooms for part of the workshop when performing the client deep dives so that no sensitive client information is shared. You will need to come to the session with a few example clients in mind. All of the learning and summary elements of the session will be in a collaborative group setting.

The cost to join the session is just £149 + VAT. This entitles 2 people from your firm to join the training. 

Here is what a previous attendee said:

"It was the best money we've spent on training that I can remember. Felt like we got exceptional value for money from our time with Matt"


"When using Xero, instead of just running reports and helping my clients with any queries they have, I am now trying to spot opportunities for them to operate more efficiently. I have already identified a number of clients who should be using an invoice automation system and also some who we could sell our bookkeeping services to as their data is currently not live. As well as that, we are now in the early stages of introducing Digital Health Check service for our clients"

Nicola Heath
Client Advisor, Richardson Swift

Agenda for the virtual workshop:

09:50am - Log in to the meeting

10:00am - Deep Dive process overview: How it works

10:30am - Performing Xero Deep Dives in breakout rooms 

11:30am - Break 

11:45am - Understanding and interpreting your findings: How to turn these into client opportunities that generate revenue

12:45pm - Closing thoughts & comments: How deep dives fit into the bigger picture

13:00pm - Workshop finishes

Rated 8.83/10 by over 50 previous attendees so far

"Really liked the handouts and breakout rooms and collaboration between everyone on the call. It was so helpful and insightful and a bit of a slap in the face of the obvious, why hadn't we been doing it like this before rather than focusing on just the numbers in Xavier"

"It was the best money we've spent on training that I can remember. Felt like we got exceptional value for money from our time with Matt"

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