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Working from home sanity.....

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

Just wanted to share what we have advised our staff in order to keep their sanity when working from home.

Here is a list of things we discussed on our virtual team meeting:

  1. They cannot be wedded to their desk all-day, have to schedule time in their diary away from their desk – go for a coffee in the kitchen, catch-up with the family in the lounge, even smell some flowers in the garden! Could they even use their normal commute time to go for a walk.....
  2. We are all checking in with each other 1-2-1 throughout the week.
  3. We have setup a couple of group sessions during the week to do something not work related
    1. www.skribble.io (online Pictionary)
    2. Trivia Quiz
    3. We are researching others
  4. Look to engage in different groups/forums that interest them.
  5. We have a 10am Teams (could do the same in slack) channel where we all put our tasks for the day to focus the mind and also share with the team.
  6. Weekly group meeting reporting back on work but also any tips/tricks anyone has picked up to help with the new ways of working.
  7. Establishing a new routine will be difficult for us all so keeping in regular contact is going to be really important.

    Don’t forget our group too – nearly 1,000 other accountants in there so feel free to get involved -https://www.facebook.com/groups/appadvisoryessentials/

    Keep the faith!

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