Why app knowledge isn’t enough for accounting firms to offer App Advice to businesses...

So you’re a firm beginning or in the midst of immersing yourselves into cloud accounting, the app ecosystem is coming more to the fore and you’re thinking “we need to learn these apps for when our clients need them” - I’ll stop you there. The sentiment is right but the thought process is wrong...

App knowledge will get you so far - learning the features, pricing, on-boarding requirements for 700 apps; simples... Obviously not and the key focus area of apps - they are simply an option to solving business problems... I get asked regularly “what are the top 10 apps my firm should invest time in?” and my response is “what are the top 10 business problems you are trying to solve for your clients?”

If you’re going to invest time in understanding how apps work for you simply go and speak/survey your clients for what their biggest problems are at the current time, then base your app investment in that area. There will be ad-hoc areas of apps that clients will need from time to time that will be more one-off projects and should be treated in that manner.

Once you know the business problems and have identified the apps we can start the journey of commercialising apps - I’ll cover more of that in a sequel blog!


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