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What is an App Stack for accountants?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2020

What exactly is an app stack?

So an app stack, essentially, is your tool belt of tools that you utilise with your clients that link in with your cloud accounting vendor and are primarily app-based.

So the areas you start to look at in terms of building an app stack is initially we need a cloud accounting vendor, a Xero, QBO, Sage, FreeAgent, whatever your tool of choice is.

We then need some form of invoice automation, so we're taking data in, so this is like an OCR snapper. Expense management, payroll, bringing payments in, sending payments out of your cloud accounting. What're the credit-control options that you're utilising? Management reporting, consolidation of reports as well, and then cashflow. So those types of areas are what defines an app stack.

And not every client will need all of the app stack. It'll be an element of the app stack they may need, or some clients may need all of that. But you need to start defining what that is. And a little hint is, it may not be that you have one app for each of those areas.

Now, if you've yet to define your app stack and document it and communicate that to the rest of your firm, we have got a free app stack template. You're welcome to go and get it. The link's gonna be part of this, so go ahead and get that, and start to build your app stack. And happy app-stacking.

You can download your free app stack template here.


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