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What KPI's should you track for cloud adoption and app advisory?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2020

One of the questions we get a lot is, what are the KPIs and what are the targets we should be setting around cloud adoption and app advisory. So I'll give you a bit of a breakdown of those.

There's the adoption. So we wanna track the numbers in terms of the App Stack that we've got as part of our firm. So are we hitting the numbers of apps that we want to implement? Have we set those targets? Are they realistic? And are they being achieved and if not why?

The second one is the actual apps that we're starting to either recommend or secondly, implement. So which apps do we recommend and which apps do we implement? And we'll see those grow over the months.

And finally, it's the fees. So what fees are we collecting against which services that we offer, or which category of delivery type that we do. So that might be managing scoping, or implementation or training or support.

Those are the types of areas. So again, we can start to track and see any trends across that. And in terms of capturing these KPIs, end of month or start of the month, posted at the end of the month, is a really good time to review that. It shows how you've progressed and it actually reminds you of what you've done but also keeps accountable and we can track what we're delivering. So hope that's been useful.

If you want an App Stack template to start building. We've got a free template here. So please go and get that to get yourself on the app advisory journey. 


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