Accounting firms adopting cloud but not seeing efficiency gains and having compliance workflow peaks

education Apr 05, 2021

Accounting or bookkeeping firms adopting cloud accounting but not seeing an efficiency or compliance peaks improvement is a common query I get when speaking 1 to 1 with them..

The Problems we hear:

  1. Firm's adopting cloud accounting but not seeing improvement in compliance workflow
  2. Still getting compliance peaks - squeezed VAT return period and Annual Accounts to the wire
  3. No chance to be insightful on the client data because the compliance deadline is so pressing
  4. Stressful peaks for staff - they don't see any change to the introduction of software

The Main Reasons I see for a minimal or lack of  compliance workflow improvement post adopting cloud accounting are:

  1. Software
    • Software is not seen as part of the process
    • Software is implemented as day 1 training within the firm
    • No roadmap in place for improving how it software used and adopting more of the ever-growing features
  2. Process
    • Time is spent training on the software but not adopting it into the current process or even re-engineering the existing process
    • The current process may need redefining or re-engineering
    • The pre software process might not fit for purpose in the first place
  3. Education
    • No one is sure what good adoption of the software is! 
    • Staff aren't educated on the new process - they have training on the software but how it works in the process isn't covered. 
    • Clients aren’t educated on the new process or aren't re-educated, we might have to tell them more than once!
  4. Accountability
    • No one is monitoring the adoption of the new process or the implementation - someone doing it amongst lots of other things!
    • Clients aren't de-incentivised to change to the new process

So what should be done in these areas?

  1. Software
    • Have resource who are responsible for the training of the software but also for the initial adoption of the software with the process and for the ongoing adoption of the software to embrace more of the features to help the firm and the clients
  2. Process
    • Define what good initial adoption of the software intertwined with the new process is! And have some specifics to track progress against
  3. Education
    • Education needs to be in place for the firm and the clients - need to consider that constant education needs to be thought about too
  4. Accountability
    • Set some KPI's and frequent check-ins on progress - more frequent at the start of adopting something new!
    • Assign resource!
    • Commit - for example you may not see a return from adopting invoice automation for 12 weeks!

If this is the type of project you need help with then this is the type of project we can help with, either drop an email to [email protected] with the subject 'Adoption' and we will get back in touch or book in a Scaling Session to run through your specific scenarios and priorities.


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