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Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020

Our members have access to the App Education Area which has a video review with one of our team running through how the app works, integrates and is commercially viable for the accounting firm.

The educational platform looks like this:

Apps that have been reviewed and are available to be viewed are as follows (alphabetical order):

  1. Calxa
  2. Capitalise
  3. Chaser
  4. CitrusHR
  5. Clarity
  6. DataDear
  7. Dokka
  8. Donorfy
  9. Expend
  10. Expensify
  11. Fathom
  12. Float
  13. Fluidly
  14. GoCardless
  15. IWOCA
  16. iZettle
  17. Lightyear
  18. Quaderno
  19. RD Vault
  20. Re-Leased
  21. ReceiptBank
  22. Reducer
  23. Satago
  24. SimPro
  25. Soldo
  26. Syft
  27. Telleroo
  28. Xavier
  29. Zahara

We add 2 to 3 Apps per month and have a process for monitoring new entrants to the ecosystem.

An example screenshot of an App review being carried out:

This page is updated each time we have a new app added to the education platform.


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