[Free 7-day challenge] How to start a profitable & consistent app advisory revenue stream

App Advisory Springboard™

  • Understand cloud accounting adoption quality
  • Broaden your app knowledge
  • Define your core finance function app stack
  • Learn how to define app advisory services
  • Learn about app advisory processes
  • Discover which KPI's to track and measure
  • Start earning your first regular app advisory revenue
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App Advisory Tier
Tier 1+

The goal
Min £500 per month (every month)

Course length

Course format
Online via Facebook

What is it?

The App Advisory Springboard is a 7-day challenge for firms looking to get more out of cloud accounting and build a profitable app advisory revenue stream. It consists of 7-days worth of training modules and resources to help you start to create and formalise some app advisory services.

Why does it exist?

The springboard was created to introduce you to the world of app advisory and to help you understand the opportunities both for you and your clients. As well as app advisory, we'll also focus on mastering the basics of cloud accounting adoption, an important foundation of any successful app advisory strategy.

Who is it for?

The springboard is for start-ups that are looking for the knowledge and support to get moving fast, established firms that need to get the app advisory ball rolling, and individuals who have been tasked with spearheading cloud accounting and are looking for support. There is no size requirement as long as you have the intent!

Where does it happen?

The springboard takes place 100% online in a private Facebook group. All of the training modules are released in here every day along with the additional resources and support. You will only have access to the group and the resources for the 7 days the challenge is running. On day 8 the group will be deleted.

How does it work?

Every morning I'll upload a short training module to watch along with some resources and a homework item. It takes about 15-30 mins a day to watch the content and can be done as the modules are released or binged like your favourite Netflix tv show! 

When does it start?

Enrolment is now closed and will re-open again in the next couple of months. The springboards will run every 6-8 weeks so join the waiting list now ready for the next enrolment.

The App Advisory Tiers

We help cloud accounting firms to work through the App Advisory Tiers. At each stage, there are predictable challenges and obstacles that appear, and our programmes are there to give you the right knowledge and resources to keep moving forwards.

Example App Advisory services include:

Adoption services

  • Finance function reviews
  • Cloud migration services
  • Cloud migration training

Optimisation services

  • Digital health-checks
  • App research & recommendation
  • App implementation/integrations
  • App training

Maintenance services

  • Recurring software support

The App Advisory Springboard was created to help you to generate your first consistent app advisory revenue of at least £500 per month and beyond.

Regardless of whether you're a start-up, or an established firm, you'll have clients that have problems that can be easily solved with app implementation. This springboard will teach you how to turn what might currently be free advice into a monthly revenue stream.

Here's how it works...

Private springboard Facebook group

Everything will take place in a private Springboard Facebook group. This group will be open from the first day of the challenge for 7 days. On day 8 the group will close and the content will be deleted. 


Short, actionable training modules

Once a day I'll upload a short training module into the group for you to watch. These videos will give you the knowledge on certain topics (see the full module outline further down this page) as well as some resources and handouts to help you implement.


Homework & action items

At the end of each module, you'll be given a small piece of homework or an action item to complete. This will ensure that you're not just learning, but implementing as you go along.


Support Q&A's

During the 7-days I will do a few live Q&A sessions to answer any questions and help you with your action items.

About your instructor

Hi I'm Matt. I'm the Co-Founder and Head Trainer here at Appacus. I help forward-thinking accountants to get the most out of cloud accounting and make money from app advisory.

Since 2014, I've worked with leading Top 100 firms such as Taylorcocks, BHP and Old Mill, as well as many small to medium sized firms. I'm also regularly invited by software providers like Xero to speak at their offices to their partners and team.

As well as Appacus, I'm also the Managing Director of a business called Bluehub, specialising in digital health checks and inventory management app implementation.

It's in this business that I first understood the potential of app advisory services and created many of the templates, processes and strategies the members of my programmes use to sell app advisory.

At Bluehub, our average fee is £10K-£15K per client, so I know a thing or two about scaling app advisory services!

Some of the firms I've worked with...

What content will we cover?

During the springboard, we’ll work through mastering cloud accounting adoption and introducing you to the world of apps and app advisory services. Here is an outline of the modules that we'll cover:

  • Unit 1 - Springboard outline and overview
  • Unit 2 - Understanding the different cloud accounting pathways and deciding on yours
  • Unit 3 - The importance of cloud accounting adoption quality and how to define standards for your firm
  • Unit 4 - Defining your core finance-function app-stack
  • Unit 5 - What services make up your firm's app advisory service line?
  • Unit 6 - App advisory pricing and how to make it profitable
  • Unit 7 - Understanding where your app advisory opportunities will come from
  • Unit 8 - Setting your app advisory goals and target ROI
  • Unit 9 - Broader aspects of app advisory to consider
  • Unit 10 - The app advisory springboard summary
  • Unit 11 - App advisory for your firm - what's next?

Throughout the 7-days you'll be trained on everything you need to successfully master cloud adoption and start making money from app advisory services.

Here's a summary of what you get:

App Advisory Springboard™

  • Understand cloud accounting adoption quality
  • Broaden your app knowledge
  • Define your core finance function app stack
  • Learn how to define app advisory services
  • Learn about app advisory processes
  • Discover which KPI's to track and measure
  • Start earning your first regular app advisory revenue
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Here's what previous springboard graduates have said...

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Enrolment for the App Advisory Springboard is now closed. Join the waiting list and be the first to get notified when the next challenge starts.

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This challenge is completely free to take part in. All you need to bring is the energy, intent and desire to learn.

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