How to scale your app advisory revenue stream from £2K to £10K per month & beyond

Scale Mastermind™

  • Get clarity and focus on your roadmap
  • Set an industry standard for your services
  • Become a leader in the profession
  • Mass-systemise everything
  • Get firm wide buy-in for the services
  • Grow to £10K per month & beyond
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App Advisory Tier
Tier 3+

The goal
£10K per month & beyond

Course length

Course format
Online & in-person

What is it?

The Scale Mastermind is for cloud accounting firms that want to lead the way in the profession with app advisory services. It’s the highest level programme we offer where we will work with you one-on-one to scale your app advisory revenue stream from £2K to £10K per month & beyond.

Who is it for?

The Scale Mastermind is for cloud accounting firms that are already making at least £2K per month from app advisory services with the desire to scale this to £10K per month and be seen as a leader in the profession.

Where does it happen?

The Scale Mastermind is both online and in-person. Watch all of the training, and attend the coaching and 1:1 calls online. Attend the quarterly mastermind meet-ups in person (location TBC)

How does it work?

Monthly 1:1 goal setting and accountability calls, monthly group coaching and troubleshooting calls, quarterly mastermind meet-ups with other scale members, and a private whatsapp community. All supported with premium online training and resources.

When does it start?

You can join the programme at any time however it is application only. Once you have completed your application, and been approved, you will complete your 12-month roadmap and join the regular rhythm of calls, training and meet-ups.

Why does it exist?

The Scale Mastermind was created as somewhere for firms that are already generating consistent app advisory revenue to share the best strategies and processes for scaling up. It’s also a place for firms to work with Matt on a more 1:1 bespoke basis.

The App Advisory Tiers

We help cloud accounting firms to work through the App Advisory Tiers. At each stage, there are predictable challenges and obstacles that appear, and our programmes are there to give you the right knowledge and resources to keep moving forwards.

Example App Advisory services include:

Adoption services

  • Finance function reviews
  • Cloud migration services
  • Cloud migration training

Optimisation services

  • Digital health-checks
  • App research & recommendation
  • App implementation/integrations
  • App training

Maintenance services

  • Recurring software support

The Scale Mastermind was created to help you to scale up from £2K per month to £10K per month and beyond.

If you're at this level, you already have some services in place and you know how to offer them to clients. What you need next is a clear roadmap and mass-systemisation to help you scale these services to make them firm-wide, client-wide and industry-wide. 

Here's how it works...

12-month roadmap

The first thing we do together is create your roadmap. We'll set some ambitious KPI's and targets to climb up to the next year and identify the biggest focus areas needed to get you there.

Monthly 1:1 calls

We'll meet up once a month 1:1 on Zoom to track your progress towards this plan and hold you accountable to targets & KPIs. I'll answer any questions you have and help you set your focus areas for the next 30 days

Monthly group coaching calls

Collaboration is key. In these group coaching calls, you'll be able to share knowledge, troubleshoot challenges and answer any other questions you might have to help you move forwards.

Quarterly mastermind meet-ups

Once a quarter, all scale mastermind members will meet up for an in-person training day. I'll run a specific deep dive training, we'll hold hot-seats and set targets and goals for the next quarter. It's a great way to network with your peers.

Premium training & resources

As with other programmes, this will come with a set of premium training videos and resources including processes, systems, checklists, out-of-the-box templates and more.

Private whatsapp group

As well as direct access to myself on Whatsapp, you'll also be in a private group with other members where you can get answers to questions on the go.

Accelerator training

As a member of my scale mastermind, you are allowed to put up to 3 people per year from your firm through my App Advisory Accelerator course for no extra charge. This will give the a strong foundation of app advisory knowledge.

"I really enjoy the collaboration sessions because you get everybody else’s perspective, and you pick up other people's ideas that you can bring to your own firm."

- Nicola Heath, Richardson Swift

About your instructor

Hi I'm Matt. I'm the Co-Founder and Head Trainer here at Appacus. I help forward-thinking accountants to get the most out of cloud accounting and make money from app advisory.

Since 2014, I've worked with leading Top 100 firms such as Taylorcocks, BHP and Old Mill, as well as many small to medium sized firms. I'm also regularly invited by software providers like Xero to speak at their offices to their partners and team.

As well as Appacus, I'm also the Managing Director of a business called Bluehub, specialising in digital health checks and inventory management app implementation.

It's in this business that I first understood the potential of app advisory services and created many of the templates, processes and strategies the members of my programmes use to sell app advisory.

At Bluehub, our average fee is £10K-£15K per client, so I know a thing or two about scaling app advisory services!

Some of the firms I've worked with...

What content will we cover?

The content will vary depending on your roadmap and goals. 

Typically, on the Scale Mastermind we'll cover things like:

  • Implementing mass-systemisation of app advisory processes across the firm
  • How to carefully manage scope parameters as the number of projects increases
  • Marketing strategies (including template presentations) for selling app advisory services at scale to prospects and clients
  • How to ensure your app advisory clients agree to payment plans so that you get paid upfront for the work you do
  • How to onboard and train additional team members into your cloud accounting and app advisory team

As well as the content, I'll also spend time reviewing things like proposals, processes, quotes, marketing collateral and more.

Here's a summary of what you get

This isn't a do-it-yourself course. I'll personally work with you 1:1 throughout this to hold you accountable to hitting targets and moving up through the tiers.

Scale Mastermind™

  • Get clarity and focus on your roadmap
  • Set an industry standard for your services
  • Become a leader in the profession
  • Systemise everything
  • Get firm wide buy-in for the services
  • Grow to £10K per month & beyond
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Here's what other members are saying...


Joanne Royle, BHP

"We've completed a fair few cloud migrations in the past, and for some of those I have come away feeling like we undercharged and lost out. We're now confident in charging and delivering a higher-priced service that works for us and our clients."

Stuart Hurst, Accounts & Legal

"Matt really helped kick start the UHY cloud conversion project not only with great ideas but making us accountable to follow through with plans. As a result we saw a rapid uptake in conversions, the average fee and client satisfaction.

Alex Kipp, Galloways

"The sessions, templates and accountability are really valuable and helped us save time and ensure we started on the right footing to make the most of this exciting opportunity with existing and future clients."

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