The App Advisory Accelerator

Learn, build and implement your very own profitable app advisory strategy that generates AT LEAST £5,000 per month

Next enrolment starts on the 7th September and spaces are always limited. Secure your space now on the most comprehensive course out there for creating a profitable and repeatable App Advisory strategy today.

Are you making the most of the app advisory opportunity?

Apps are everywhere. They cover everything from inventory, to credit control, to expenses and a whole host more. 

And right now, businesses are in need of these apps more than ever before. They need regular cash flow forecasts, they need ways to send invoices and receipts electronically, then need software to help chase their invoices.

But for lots of firms, implementing these apps for their clients becomes a loss making exercise...

You spend a few hours researching it, then a few more setting up, and then a few more checking the whole thing's working, and before you know it you've nearly spent 2 days setting an app up for a client and not charged a penny for it.

The other option here is that you choose not to help clients with these apps, which poses a challenge in itself when they come asking you about one or decide to go elsewhere...

The app advisory opportunity for accounting firms is two-fold:

  1. It's an opportunity for you to help your clients to run their business more efficiently by leveraging the latest tech
  2. It's an opportunity for you to introduce a new, profitable and future-proof service offering to your firm (one of the firms we work worth added £85K to their revenue in 12 months...)

The only question

That's why we created the App Advisory Accelerator.

To give accounting firms the foundations they need to implement their very own app advisory strategy that leads to a profitable and repeatable revenue stream.

Right now there is a knowledge gap out there where firms want to start turning the time they spend on apps into a fee-generating service, they just don’t know how. 

This accelerator is here to bridge that gap.

We’ll give you the tools, resources and process so that you can build, scope, price and deliver your own app advisory services to clients.

What is it?

The App Advisory Accelerator is an 8-module online training programme complete with coaching & troubleshooting calls, a supportive community of like minded members and all of the tools and resources you need to create a profitable app advisory revenue stream. By the end of the 8 modules you will have defined your app stack, defined your app advisory services, set your targets & KPI’s and have a scalable & repeatable model for delivering it to your clients.

Who is it for?

This accelerator is for firms that recognise the value of the app advisory opportunity and want to be able to deliver profitable and scalable app advisory services to their clients. If you want to show an ROI in the work you do, generate good fees, and future-proof your client base over the next few years then this programme is for you.

Where does it happen?

The accelerator takes place 100% online which means you can access it from anywhere at any time, all you need is an internet connection. The coaching & troubleshooting calls will take place on Zoom at set times during the programme.

When does it start?

Enrolment is now open and will remain open until the 7th September. The accelerator is entirely self-paced which means that even if it takes you a few weeks to implement one of the modules, you’ll still have time to complete the rest. Once you join you’ll get lifetime access to all 8 training modules and resources, as well as the Facebook community.

Meet your instructors...

Hi, we’re Appacus, and for the last 3 years we’ve been working with accounting firms helping them to increase their cloud adoption, monetise their app offering and become leading digital firms. 

We also run another business called ConvertMyClients where we help firms with their client conversions to cloud accounting. 

If you can’t tell already, cloud accounting and apps are kind of our thing...

There’s 3 of us here that will help you to get your app advisory strategy built, implemented and generating revenue:

Matt Flanagan

Hi, I’m Matt and I’ve been helping firms with digital transformation for the last 3 years having previously delivered IT systems for every accountant’s best friend, HMRC. I’m regularly invited to deliver presentations and workshops by Xero, ICAEW, Intuit, Receiptbank and AccountingWeb on all things cloud, apps and digital.

David Robinson

Hi, I’m David and for the last 6 years I’ve been working with multiple clients and accountants training them on the financial control functions of cloud accounting and helping them link various systems together. If you need to understand how data passes from one app to another and vice-versa, then I’m the person to ask!

Robert Davidson

Hi, I’m Robert and just like you I’m a qualified accountant with both small and large firm experience. In my previous role I was a cloud champion responsible for managing a national cloud accounting project. Now, my time is spent mostly helping other firms with their cloud conversions as well as advising on apps and app best practices.

Here's what you'll learn:

 During the accelerator, we’ll work through the 8 core modules you need to build and implement your very own app advisory strategy. We’ll cover everything from choosing the apps, to pricing and scoping work, to delivering the service to clients.

Module 1 - App Advisory Foundations

Are you delivering services that will be compatible with your future clients? To make app advisory a core part of your service offering you'll need the knowledge & a proven process. Discover all of the aspects required in order to deliver scalable and profitable app advisory allowing you as a firm to mobilise apps & tech as a revenue stream.

Module 2 - Building your App Stack

What exactly is an App Stack? What are the different apps that go into one? Do you have an App Stack that is fully understood by you and your firm? In this module you'll learn the core elements of an App-Stack and then we'll help you to build, define and communicate yours going forwards.

Module 3 - Building App Advisory services 

Now that you have your App Stack built, it's time to decide what types of services you should be offering and how these link back to your App Stack. 

Using our App Advisory matrix you will built out your services and have the tools to build your own going forwards.

Module 4 - App Advisory targets & KPI's 

With your App Stack and services now firmly in place, it's time to start tracking your results. But what exactly do you need to track? And how do you track it? 

In this module we'll provide you with a KPI monitoring tool so that you know exactly what to track and can measure your success going forwards.

Module 5 - Defining your App Advisory process

With apps & cloud technology still being quite new to the accounting profession, how you deliver them to clients might seem challenging initially. 

Using our proven process that can be tweaked to suit your firm, you'll learn how to define and create your very own App Advisory process.

Module 6 - App Advisory pricing

Having an App Stack and a selection of App Advisory services is great, but you can't give them away for free. So how do you charge for them? How can you communicate the value to clients?

In this module we'll share with you the App Pricing Framework - a simple process for scoping and pricing the various app advisory services you offer to clients. 

Module 7 - Taking App Advisory to your client base

Now that you have all the tools in place to successfully deliver an app advisory service, it's time to take it to your clients. But how?

In this module you'll learn how to use the Finance Function Scorecard to identify opportunities and start conversations with clients.

Module 8 - Scaling up your App Advisory

Once you have your app advisory strategy in place and you're beginning to roll it out to clients, it's time to start thinking about how you scale things up.

In this final module we'll share with you a number of tools that will allow other members of your team to deliver app advisory.

Here's a walk through of all of the online training modules and resources that are included


Behind The Scenes:

See what goes on in the Accelerator Programme

Here's what some of our current members have to say...

"When we look back, you wonder how we would have done it without the programme. I'm not sure we would. It's highly recommended!"

Clare Blackmore - Director of Cloud Accounting at Albert Goodman
(Xero Large Firm Winners 2019)



Ben Steele - Managing Partner & Founder of Steele Financial

"We signed up for The Accelerator to really kick start our cloud and app advisory journey. With the help of Appacus, we've been able to start winning work within 6 weeks, and found a sizeable opportunity within our existing client base. The sessions, templates and accountability are really valuable and helped us save time and ensure we started on the right footing to make the most of this exciting opportunity with existing and future clients."

Alex Kipp
Cloud Advisor, Galloways
Some of the firms that have recently gone through the accelerator...

"Since beginning the Accelerator course a month ago, I have already started to apply my knowledge into my workplace. When using Xero, instead of just running reports and helping my clients with any queries they have, I am now trying to spot opportunities for them to operate more efficiently. I have already identified a number of clients who should be using an invoice automation system and also some who we could sell our bookkeeping services to as their data is currently not live. As well as that, we are now in the early stages of introducing Digital Health Check service for our clients"

Nicola Heath
Client Advisor, Richardson Swift

Let's answer some of your questions...

How much time will this take me each week?

Each module will take 60-90 minutes to work through, and then you’ll need some more time to go away and complete the various resources and to start implementing. The coaching & troubleshooting sessions are 60 minutes every 2 weeks. You need to be able to spend at least 5 hours a week working on this to get it implemented. The more time you have, the quicker you’ll get it done. But ultimately because the programme is self-paced and you get lifetime access, you can spend as much or as little time on it as you choose.

What guarantees are there?

We’re confident that when you implement all of the foundations in this app advisory accelerator that you will make a return on your investment. That’s why we have an ROI guarantee for all our members. If you don’t make at least 2x your investment within 6 months, and you can prove to us that you’ve implemented every thing we’ve shared, then you’ll get the cost of joining back no questions asked.

How much revenue are other firms currently generating from app advisory?

From the firms we are currently working with they are generating an average of £5000 per month in additional app advisory fees. We’ve had some members win pieces of app-advisory work worth £9000. Once you have these foundations in place, you’ll know where to spot these opportunities in your client base.

How long is the accelerator?

The accelerator has no fixed length. The 8 modules are designed to be learnt and implemented one per week. But in reality, we know that it can take longer to get things approved and implemented properly, which is why there is no fixed length. Once you join you have lifetime access.

How many people can join per firm?

One paid place on the accelerator will allow 2-3 people from your firm to get involved. We recommend in most cases that at least 2 people per firm work on this where possible as it will help to speed up implementation.

Here's what you'll get when you join the 8-week App Advisory Accelerator:

Lifetime access to all 8 modules giving you an entire App Advisory strategy that's ready to go

Access to private resources and tools including the App Advisory Matrix, App Advisory Pricing Framework and the Finance Function Scorecard

2 x group troubleshooting sessions each month to help answer your questions 

A private FB community of other members where you can share knowledge and ask questions

We've had some members of our coaching programme that have taken these tools and generated one-off fees of up to £9000 for scoping and delivering app advisory work.

The firms we currently work with who are using the exact process are generating an average of £5000 in app advisory fees every month.

The investment to join the accelerator is just £1500 and can be split over 3 equal payments. 

There are limited spaces in each enrolment to ensure we can focus on helping you to implement and get results.

If you want to implement an app advisory strategy in your firm, then join the accelerator today.

Next intake start date -

28th October 2020


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