How to accelerate your app advisory revenue stream to £2K per month with productisation & systemisation

App Advisory Accelerator™

  • Get clarity and focus on your roadmap
  • Build your core app-stack
  • Productise your app advisory services
  • Implement profitable pricing
  • Define your systems and processes
  • Set clear targets & KPIs
  • Grow to £2K per month & beyond
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App Advisory Tier
Tier 2+

The goal
£2K per month & beyond

Course length
8-12 weeks

Course format

What is it?

The App Advisory Accelerator is an 8-module online training programme complete with coaching & troubleshooting calls, a supportive community of like minded members and all of the tools and resources you need to create a profitable app advisory revenue stream generating at least £2K per month.

Who is it for?

This accelerator is for firms that recognise the value of app advisory and want to be able to deliver profitable and scalable app advisory services to their clients. If you want to show an ROI in the work you do, generate good fees, and future-proof your client base then this programme is for you.

Where does it happen?

The accelerator takes place 100% online which means you can access it from anywhere at any time, all you need is an internet connection. The coaching & troubleshooting calls will take place on Zoom at set times during the programme.

How does it work?

Gain access to the 8-module training library where you'll learn the foundations of an app advisory strategy. Then use the private tools & resources, alongside the monthly group coaching calls and private Facebook community to get answers to questions and implement what you've learnt.

When does it start?

Enrolment is now closed and will re-open early 2021. The accelerator is entirely self-paced which means that even if it takes you a few weeks to implement one of the modules, you’ll still have time to complete the rest. Once you join you’ll get lifetime access to all 8 training modules and resources, as well as the Facebook community.

Why does it exist?

The Accelerator was created to give accounting firms the foundations they need to implement their own app advisory strategy that leads to a profitable and scalable revenue stream. It will give you the tools, resources and processes to take app advisory to your clients.

The App Advisory Tiers

We help cloud accounting firms to work through the App Advisory Tiers. At each stage, there are predictable challenges and obstacles that appear, and our programmes are there to give you the right knowledge and resources to keep moving forwards.

Example App Advisory services include:

Adoption services

  • Finance function reviews
  • Cloud migration services
  • Cloud migration training

Optimisation services

  • Digital health-checks
  • App research & recommendation
  • App implementation/integrations
  • App training

Maintenance services

  • Recurring software support

The App Advisory Accelerator was created to help you to scale up to £2K per and beyond.

If you're already making some ad-hoc fees from cloud migration and app advisory, but want to turn that into a predictable revenue stream of at least £2K per month, then the accelerator is for you.

Here's how it works...

Lifetime access to the training library

The Accelerator comes with an 8-module training library, taking you step by step through the foundations of an app advisory strategy. Each module has a number of short and actionable training videos to give you the knowledge you need.


Private resources, tools and templates

To help you implement, we've created a number of resources, tools and templates like the Pricing Matrix, Finance Function Scorecard and more (see full list further down!)

2x Monthly group coaching calls with me and other members

Collaboration is key. In these group coaching calls, you'll be able to share knowledge, troubleshoot challenges and answer any other questions you might have to help you move forwards.


Private Facebook community to share your progress

You'll also be in a private Facebook group with other members where you can share your app advisory wins and get answers to questions on the go

"We signed up for The Accelerator to really kick start our cloud and app advisory journey. With the help of Appacus and Matt, we've been able to start winning work within 6 weeks, and found a sizeable opportunity within our existing client base."

- Alex Kipp, Galloways

About your instructor

Hi I'm Matt. I'm the Co-Founder and Head Trainer here at Appacus. I help forward-thinking accountants to get the most out of cloud accounting and make money from app advisory.

Since 2014, I've worked with leading Top 100 firms such as Taylorcocks, BHP and Old Mill, as well as many small to medium sized firms. I'm also regularly invited by software providers like Xero to speak at their offices to their partners and team.

As well as Appacus, I'm also the Managing Director of a business called Bluehub, specialising in digital health checks and inventory management app implementation.

It's in this business that I first understood the potential of app advisory services and created many of the templates, processes and strategies the members of my programmes use to sell app advisory.

At Bluehub, our average fee is £10K-£15K per client, so I know a thing or two about scaling app advisory services!

Some of the firms I've worked with...

What content will we cover?

 During the accelerator, we’ll work through the 8 core modules you need to build and implement your very own app advisory strategy. We’ll cover everything from choosing the apps, to pricing and scoping work, to delivering the service to clients.

Module 1 - App Advisory Foundations

Are you delivering services that will be compatible with your future clients? To make app advisory a core part of your service offering you'll need the knowledge & a proven process. Discover all of the aspects required in order to deliver scalable and profitable app advisory allowing you as a firm to mobilise apps & tech as a revenue stream.

Module 2 - Building your App Stack

What exactly is an App Stack? What are the different apps that go into one? Do you have an App Stack that is fully understood by you and your firm? In this module you'll learn the core elements of an App-Stack and then we'll help you to build, define and communicate yours going forwards.

Module 3 - Building App Advisory services 

Now that you have your App Stack built, it's time to decide what types of services you should be offering and how these link back to your App Stack. 

Using our App Advisory matrix you will built out your services and have the tools to build your own going forwards.

Module 4 - App Advisory targets & KPI's 

With your App Stack and services now firmly in place, it's time to start tracking your results. But what exactly do you need to track? And how do you track it? 

In this module we'll provide you with a KPI monitoring tool so that you know exactly what to track and can measure your success going forwards.

Module 5 - Defining your App Advisory process

With apps & cloud technology still being quite new to the accounting profession, how you deliver them to clients might seem challenging initially. 

Using our proven process that can be tweaked to suit your firm, you'll learn how to define and create your very own App Advisory process.

Module 6 - App Advisory pricing

Having an App Stack and a selection of App Advisory services is great, but you can't give them away for free. So how do you charge for them? How can you communicate the value to clients?

In this module we'll share with you the App Pricing Framework - a simple process for scoping and pricing the various app advisory services you offer to clients. 

Module 7 - Taking App Advisory to your client base

Now that you have all the tools in place to successfully deliver an app advisory service, it's time to take it to your clients. But how?

In this module you'll learn how to use the Finance Function Scorecard to identify opportunities and start conversations with clients.

Module 8 - Scaling up your App Advisory

Once you have your app advisory strategy in place and you're beginning to roll it out to clients, it's time to start thinking about how you scale things up.

In this final module we'll share with you a number of tools that will allow other members of your team to deliver app advisory.

What templates and systems will you get?

Sales/Marketing systems

    • Emails to Clients/Prospects Template
    • Example Webinar/Seminar/Workshop Template
    • Client Information Sendout Template
    • Case Study Template

Operational systems

    • Service Implementation Plan
    • System Fact-Find
    • Cloud Accounting Deep Dive Template
    • Client Experience Form
    • App Advisory Implementation Template
    • App Advisory Training Template
    • Pricing Matrix
    • Finance Function Scorecard
    • KPI’s Template

Here's a summary of what you get

This isn't a do-it-yourself course. Alongside the training and resources, the regular group calls will help to hold you accountable and ensure implementation.

App Advisory Accelerator™

  • Get clarity and focus on your roadmap
  • Build your core app-stack
  • Productise your app advisory services
  • Implement profitable pricing
  • Define your systems and processes
  • Set clear targets & KPIs
  • Grow to £2K per month & beyond
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Here's what other members are saying...


Joanne Royle, BHP

"We've completed a fair few cloud migrations in the past, and for some of those I have come away feeling like we undercharged and lost out. We're now confident in charging and delivering a higher-priced service that works for us and our clients."

Danielle Summers, Abbott Moore

"Previously when we did cloud migrations we charged by the hour. Now we have a cloud migration package bundled in with additional services. We have a clear process for pricing this that's win-win for us and our clients."

Gavin Spencer, Beach Accountants

“It took some time for us to get our head around the digital health-check, but now we have they are like second nature to us. In the last 6 weeks, we've won 3 from existing clients who have spread the word, and a new prospect is wanting one as well.”

Start the Programme Today

Enrolment for the App Advisory Accelerator is now closed and will be open in the next 2 months enabling your firm ready to get your Digital Services offering launched. 8 weeks after starting you will have the knowledge, services, processes and templates to take your client & prospects. 

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