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We're passionate about helping firms move through their cloud and digital journey. Could we help yours?

Our Achievements

We are proud to be working with the '2019 Xero Large Firm of the Year' for the last 2 years and continue to do so.

One of the largest Scottish firms now have a full strategy in place and are beginning the delivery phase of our Digital Transformation Programme.

Helped small firm with adopting Receipt Bank. They're now at 100% more Receipt Bank clients than 6 months prior.

Meet the Team

Matt Flanagan

Matt is an Ex-Project Manager who worked with HMRC delivering their IT systems.

After moving into small business, he helped advise Accountant's clients with different apps for their businesses. In 2016, he started to get more questions about how to help the firms themselves. 

So, for the last 3 years he has been helping firms with their Digital Transformation, engaging and adopting the tech for them and their clients to help get the most out of cloud and enable them to deliver a more valuable service.

David Robinson

Coming from a managerial background, David has vast experience with a variety of businesses. 

His knowledge and 6 years of training multiple clients and accountants on the financial control functions of Cloud Accounting supports his experience of linking different systems together and understanding how the data crosses over from one system to the other. 

Robert Davidson

Robert is a qualified accountant who has worked in small, medium and large accountancy firms.

In these roles, Robert has been a Small Business Service Leader dealing with Cloud Accounting/Invoice Automation clients as well as project managing a National Cloud Accounting project. 

Could our App Advisory Programme help speed up your cloud accounting journey?

We provide you with the process for implementing your own profitable and predictable app advisory strategy.


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