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Cloud & App Advisory Programme

We provide you with the knowledge, support and accountability to increase cloud adoption, monetise your app offering and become a leading digital firm.
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Some of the firms we have worked with....

Where are you on your cloud accounting journey?

Having worked closely with a range of firms over the last few years, we know that the cloud accounting journey is a predictable one which can be broken down into 4 main stages. Each stage has its own Cloud Accounting Platform (CAP) score.

We understand that moving through these stages is not always easy or straight forward. Which is why we created the Cloud & App Advisory Programme, to help firms overcome their digital challenges and to move through this cloud journey as quickly as possible.

Do you want to speed up your cloud journey?

  • Are you worried that you're not moving forwards fast enough and that you could get left behind?
  • Is resistance to change from other people in your firm slowing you down?
  • Are you unsure exactly what to do to improve cloud adoption and the best way to do it?
  • You feel almost lonely in your role and that there isn't a support network there for you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of apps out there?
  • Is App Advisory something you want to do but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you need help with existing client queries around apps and which to use?
  • You want to monetise your app offering and show a positive ROI from all your hard work?

Then our Cloud & App Advisory programme can help. By combining proven tools and knowledge, with regular support and accountability, we can help to guide you through these different stages without making all of the mistakes that we see happening time and time again.

Want to find out more about the programme and how it can help you to speed up your digital journey? Book your 30-minute call below.


Who is the programme for?

Cloud Champions

You’re a cloud champion in a medium to large firm that’s responsible for the overall delivery  of this ‘cloud project’. You’re currently doing everything (even changing logos in clients apps) and getting the rest of the team to buy into change has been a struggle. You’re striving for mass adoption of cloud across the client base and to show an ROI on the work you’re doing. You can see where the firm should be going, it’s just not getting there fast enough.

Cloud Advocates

You’re a partner in an established firm that’s taken on the responsibility of this cloud project. Trying to balance it off against your normal client work (and all your other partner responsibilities) is a challenge which means things aren’t happening fast enough, or even at all. You want to grow your firm and adopt new ways of working, and a structure, process and accountability to do this in as little time as possible is what you’re craving.

Cloud Pacesetters

You’re a practice owner who took the leap to set up your own firm (perhaps you were a cloud champion or advocate previously and frustrated with lack of progress). Time is a challenge as you focus on growing your firm whilst also bringing in team members to take work off your shoulders, which means that you have less time to try out all these apps and figuring out what does and doesn’t work. Your goal is to build a 100% digital lifestyle business.

Don’t recognise yourself in any of those three groups? That’s fine, these are just the people that we typically see join. The programme is open to everybody that wants to speed up their digital journey and make it a success. 

How does the programme work?

The programme consists of a number of different weekly & monthly touch points designed to give you the knowledge, direction and support that you need to achieve your digital goals.

Initial 1:1 roadmap session

The first step when you join the programme is to complete your roadmap. We will create for you a bespoke 12-24 month project plan that we will hold you accountable to and guide you through every single week, highlighting the exact steps you should take and when to take them. It’s the structure and process that you’re craving.

Access to our online learning platform

This is our knowledge hub. Here you can access training on everything from getting your clients to use bank feeds and invoice automation, to commercialising your app offering so that you start to make an ROI on the work you’re doing. We also upload all of the group coaching calls and guest speaker sessions for you to catch up on.

App directory and reviews

With so many apps out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. In the app directory are over 40 apps (which is growing every week) that we have directly reviewed so you don’t have to. We’re constantly updating the list of new apps that have been added to the cloud accounting ecosystem and also provide you the 80 top recommended apps.

Weekly group coaching calls

This is your opportunity to ask questions to our team about any specific apps or client queries you might have. Feel appreciated when you share your wins & challenges and be held accountable to implementing your plan and moving your projects forwards. Get input from others who have been in your shoes before.

Monthly guest speaker sessions

Every month we host a session with a guest speaker from the cloud accounting, app, or tech space. This could be an app provider giving us an overview of their software, or it could be a cloud champion from a firm sharing some of the things that are working well for them. It’s an opportunity to improve your knowledge and learn new skills.

Monthly group planning sessions

As well as the initial strategy & roadmap session, on a monthly basis we’ll get together to review your progress towards that plan, track your KPI’s and set some new focus areas and goals for the coming month. By constantly reviewing your plan and being held accountable to some KPI’s, you’ll be able to show an ROI on your work much sooner.

Private Facebook community

Community & collaboration underpins our programme. When you join you’ll have access to a private Facebook community for members only where we share new app recommendations, discuss app reviews and also troubleshoot any questions or challenges that don’t get covered in the group coaching calls.

Email/Phone support

For when that unexpected app query comes in and you just don’t know how to deal with it. Or you’ve hit a roadblock in your project and you don’t know the best way to get around it. You can tap into our experience and knowledge via email or phone in order to get answers fast. This support will vary based on which package you choose.

Cloud Accounting deep dive

In this bespoke session we’ll delve deep into some of your actual cloud clients. We’ll discuss efficiencies, processes, and opportunities which can be put into practice quickly to improve their quality. Each session will cover roughly 5 clients and you’ll leave with a tailored action plan for each client. These sessions will vary based on which package you choose.

"Matt and the Appacus team are a core part of our whole Digital Transformation Project. They keep us accountable, ensure we don’t get distracted, and keep us up to date with the ever-expanding tech options."

Hilary Dyson
Cloud Accounting Senior Manager | Anderson Anderson & Brown

Want to find out whether the programme would be right for you?

Wondering whether you’d be a good fit for the programme or not?
Do you want to find out about the different options available to join the programme? 

If so then please book a 30-minute call with us by clicking the button below.

Once you’ve booked your call, we’ll send you a copy of our Cloud Accounting Platform assessment to complete. This will give us a good idea about where you are currently on your cloud journey and what areas we should focus on to get some quick wins.

During the call, we'll have a chat about your current situation to better understand your business and to figure out if we can help you. If we can, then we’ll explain more about the different options for joining the programme and what the investment is. If we can’t, then we’ll give you 2-3 ideas you can implement straight away to improve your current CAP score and try to point you in the right direction.

The worse case scenario here is that you leave the call with a better understanding of the steps you need to take to move forwards on your cloud journey.


"When we look back, you wonder how we would have done it without the programme. I'm not sure we would. It's highly recommended!"

Clare Blackmore - Director of Cloud Accounting at Albert Goodman
(Xero Large Firm Winners 2019)


Got some unanswered questions?

You will need 1-2 hours each week for whichever call is taking place (there is only ever one call per week). You will also need some time to review the training resources and start implementing. We recommend a minimum of 3 hours per week for this. That’s a total of 5 hours per week to get the ball rolling, only 1 hour per day.

Our programme is split into different packages. The packages vary based on the amount of time and 1:1 support you need from us. They also vary based on the number of cloud deep dives we’ll do on your clients Xero accounts. Our packages start from £599 per month. We have a 30 day money back guarantee and there is no fixed length contract. You can cancel any time.

It depends. A mechanic can’t tell you if there’s anything wrong with your car without having a look around. Neither can we. There are lots of variables in play here: which level you’re starting from, how many clients you have, how much time you have to focus on this, what resources (other team members etc) are available to support you. We would recommend a minimum of 12 months to start seeing real change.

Regarding access to the educational portal, that is unlimited for your firm - as many team members as you would like to have access can have access.

For the weekly group sessions that is limited to 2-3 people from a firm.

If you are choosing the 1-2-1 meeting options (monthly/quarterly) that can be unlimited also.

We are constantly adding new Apps to our education platform - they will be a combination of trusted ecosystem partners and new apps to the marketplace - latest list is available here https://www.vcd-fa.co.uk/blog/app-reviews

We re-visit all apps every 6 months to check for significant updates.

 We’d be happy to help. Just book your 30-minute call below and we can answer those for you during the call. Not ready for a call just yet? Click here to use our contact form.


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