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Increase cloud adoption. Monetise your app offering.  Become a leading digital firm.

Our community-led programme provides you with the knowledge, direction and support to speed up your cloud journey and make it a success.  

Do you want to speed up your cloud journey?

  • Are you worried that you're not moving forwards fast enough and that you could get left behind?
  • Is resistance to change from other people in your firm slowing you down?
  • Are you unsure exactly what to do to improve cloud adoption and the best way to do it?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of apps out there?
  • Is App Advisory something you want to do but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you need help with existing client queries around apps and which to use?

If any of the above are true for you, then our Cloud & App Advisory Programme can help you increase the speed at which you move through your cloud journey and provide you with a clear roadmap for doing it. You can find out more about the programme below.

Some of the firms we work with...

How does the programme help you?

Increase Cloud Adoption

Struggling to move your clients onto the cloud? Want to improve the quality of the ones you have on there? We provide you with a clear roadmap of how to increase cloud adoption and what you need to do at each stage. Want to know your starting point? Take the assessment below.

Monetise your app offering

Overwhelmed with the sheer volume of apps out there? Unsure how to monetise these properly to make a return on your investment? Every week we release new app reviews and add them to our App Review Library with detailed guidance on how to implement and make money from them.

Become a leading digital firm

Worried about clients and team members leaving? Do you feel behind the curve compared to other ‘pacesetting’ firms? By improving your cloud adoption, making better use of the cloud ecosystem and implementing the apps available you can future proof your business and become a leading digital firm.


Where are you on your cloud accounting journey?

Whether you’re a new firm, an established firm or even a top 100 firm, you’re going to be somewhere along the cloud accounting journey. This journey is broken down into 4 key stages, each one with its own Cloud Accounting Platform (CAP) score. 

Are you and your clients truly getting the most out of cloud accounting and the surrounding ecosystem?

Take this quick quiz to find out your cloud accounting quality score. Once completed, you’ll receive a full summary showing where your current weaknesses are and what areas you should start focusing on immediately to improve.


"Matt and the Appacus team are a core part of our whole Digital Transformation Project. They keep us accountable, ensure we don’t get distracted, and keep us up to date with the ever-expanding tech options."

Hilary Dyson
Cloud Accounting Senior Manager | Anderson Anderson & Brown

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