We help accounting firms to make money from cloud accounting and app advisory

Our courses help to give you the knowledge, support and resources you need to create a profitable and predictable app advisory revenue stream in your firm.

  • Online training to give you the knowledge

  • Tools, resources and templates to help you implement

  • Community to give you peer support

  • Coaching sessions to answer your questions and hold you accountable

  • Planning sessions to give you a clearly defined roadmap

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What is App Advisory?

App Advisory is the process of using software and apps to solve business problems that your clients are facing. You can then productise this and turn it into a profitable and consistent revenue stream for your firm.

Do you want to learn how to start generating revenue from App Advisory services?

Discover a proven, step-by-step guide for turning Cloud Accounting and App Advisory into a consistent, scalable and profitable revenue stream worth £000's for your accounting firm.

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The App Advisory Tiers

We help cloud accounting firms to work through the App Advisory Tiers. At each stage, there are predictable challenges and obstacles that appear, and our programmes are there to give you the right knowledge and resources to keep moving forwards.

Example App Advisory services include:

Adoption services

  • Finance function reviews
  • Cloud migration services
  • Cloud migration training

Optimisation services

  • Digital health-checks
  • App research & recommendation
  • App implementation/integrations
  • App training

Maintenance services

  • Recurring software support

Our programmes help you to move through the App Advisory Tiers by giving you the knowledge, support and resources you need to create a profitable and predictable app advisory revenue stream in your firm.

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Here's how it works...

Online training libraries

All of our programmes come with online training libraries to give you the exact knowledge you need to build your app advisory strategy depending on where you are in your journey. Each module has a number of short and actionable training videos.


Resources, tools and templates

To help you implement, we've created a number of resources, tools and templates that will allow you take take this knowledge and use it practically with your clients and in your firm.

Coaching & troubleshooting calls

Collaboration is key. Depending on which programme you choose, you'll have a frequency of coaching & troubleshooting calls with myself and other members to hold you accountable and help you get unstuck.


Private Facebook & Whatsapp communities

Each programme also comes with its own private community you can share your app advisory wins and get answers to questions on the go.

"We signed up for The Accelerator to really kick start our cloud and app advisory journey. With the help of Appacus and Matt, we've been able to start winning work within 6 weeks, and found a sizeable opportunity within our existing client base."

- Alex Kipp, Galloways

About your instructor

Hi I'm Matt. I'm the Co-Founder and Head Trainer here at Appacus. I help forward-thinking accountants to get the most out of cloud accounting and make money from app advisory.

Since 2014, I've worked with leading Top 100 firms such as Taylorcocks, BHP and Old Mill, as well as many small to medium sized firms. I'm also regularly invited by software providers like Xero to speak at their offices to their partners and team.

As well as Appacus, I'm also the Managing Director of a business called Bluehub, specialising in digital health checks and inventory management app implementation.

It's in this business that I first understood the potential of app advisory services and created many of the templates, processes and strategies the members of my programmes use to sell app advisory.

At Bluehub, our average fee is £10K-£15K per client, so I know a thing or two about scaling app advisory services!

Some of the firms I've worked with...

Programmes for all stages of app advisory

We have 3 unique programmes designed to help you implement a profitable and scalable app advisory strategy.

Tier 1+

App Advisory Springboard

How to start a profitable app advisory revenue stream & get your first paying clients

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Tier 2+

App Advisory Accelerator

How to accelerate your app advisory revenue stream to £2K per month with proven systemisation

Explore Accelerator
Tier 3+

App Advisory Scale

How to scale your app advisory revenue stream from £2K to £10K per month & beyond

Explore Scale

Here's what other members are saying...


Joanne Royle, BHP

"We've completed a fair few cloud migrations in the past, and for some of those I have come away feeling like we undercharged and lost out. We're now confident in charging and delivering a higher-priced service that works for us and our clients."

Danielle Summers, Abbott Moore

"Previously when we did cloud migrations we charged by the hour. Now we have a cloud migration package bundled in with additional services. We have a clear process for pricing this that's win-win for us and our clients."

Stuart Hurst, Accounts & Legal

"Matt really helped kick start the UHY cloud conversion project not only with great ideas but making us accountable to follow through with plans. As a result we saw a rapid uptake in conversions, the average fee and client satisfaction."


Are you ready to take your next app advisory step?

It doesn't matter whether you're starting out from scratch, or already generating revenue and looking for a way to scale it up, we have a course to help you take your next steps.

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